Work First, Travel Second


Why employment?

Out of all the different ways you can get outside of your home country, whether that’s volunteer work, study abroad, traveling in general, and backpacking or working abroad, why is the one that I specifically chose to work on; working and finding employment?

I chose this is because what you do for a living is arguably the most important decision that you’re going to make for yourself. It’s how you’re going to spend 80% of your week, it’s what you’re going to be consumed by for most of your waking days, so you might as well enjoy doing it.

I find that so many people choose jobs that are relatively unfulfilling, don’t help them grow, and don’t become better versions of themselves. That’s why I decided that I want to focus on employment; because it’s not about getting outside of your home country, that comes secondary to finding something that you love to do with your life, and spending the majority of your waking life with a job that you actually

When I said “I want to help people to move internationally”, I said I wanted to work on working because
A) Yeah, right now it’s difficult to find a job internationally, but
B) I believe that there are a lot of people who have this international mindset and only are going to be fulfilled by work that is in an international context.

It’s these types of personalities that, when working on problems with international scale or complexity, that’s how they’re going to be engaged. That’s how it’s going to be fulfilling. The domestic opportunities they see are probably not going to touch on that fulfillment, and the only way to get that experience is by working internationally.

I find it incredibly fulfilling to be able to help people find work opportunities that are, first and foremost fulfilling and has somebody enjoy to their day to day life but on top of that you also get to work internationally and you get exposed to new cultures.

Right now I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I never knew anything about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My life brought me here and now I’m here walking around this cool shopping mall that you see behind me. And this is what inspired me. It’s the work that I do that is fulfilling first and foremost and then secondary that I get to live internationally.

That’s always why I say, it’s work first, travel second, because I want to help people find employment that they love and then go travel. And that’s really at the core of why I chose to work on employment as something I’m so passionate about.

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