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Cristian is the newest member of the BrainGain family. He landed in Bangalore a few weeks back and wanted to share his story so far. Over to you, Cristian.

Sometimes, when you stop for a while and think back, you can clearly see how the dots are connected.

This adventure started a couple of years back, while I was doing my MBA in Italy. While I was there, I got hooked to Sarah Koenig’s Serial. I started somehow late and within a day I listened to -at least- half of season 1.

When the podcast finished, I started looking for new material straight away. One of those podcasts was Jason Moore’s Zero to Travel.

Let’s fast forward 1 year. Now I’m in Chile but I really want to keep growing my professional experience abroad (I’m Chilean btw). During one of my morning walks, Jason was interviewing Troy Erstling from BranGain.

Troy basically said they could help you out finding a job abroad, in exotic destinations such as India or Malaysia. I got in touch straight away and I started a process for a company in Kuala Lumpur. At that point, I was working with Zomato in Chile and we put everything into a hold for a while. However, when Zomato scaled down several markets, including Chile, I went back to the BrainGain family.

The guys were truly happy to see me back and we started with the job interviews straight away.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m writing this from my desk in HackerEarth, a fast growing company located in Bangalore, India. I came here as Global Marketing and Brand Manager for Europe and Latam. Such an incredible challenge!

BrainGain sorted everything. The guys were sharp, always on point and able to answer any question within hours. They were proactively sending me job positions and helping me out with every single aspect.

When I got here, Vikram -also from BrainGain- picked me up at Bangalore’s airport and took me to his place to freshen up and have breakfast with his loving family. He took me to my hotel, helped me out getting my SIM card and actively helped me finding a suitable place to live.

Such a cool soft landing was great for me. Even Troy introduced me to the whole “BrainGain family” in an email.

BrainGain is only 2 years and has helped 30 people change their career. I’m the first one from Chile, but certainly, not the last.

When I started with Serial, I never thought I would end up here, in Bangalore, but things unfolded like this and I’m deeply thankful for it.

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