Leave Your Home Country Now!!!


What if you could live and work anywhere in the world regardless of where your passport is from?

What if, as an employer, you could hire people from anywhere, regardless of where their passport was from, and bring them to work in your country and work with you?

How would this change the way that we look for new opportunities? How would this change employers and their ability to build globally diverse teams of people from all around the world?

This is the future of employment that we envision at BrainGain and this is what we work on, on a day to day basis. To create the world that we currently don’t see exist.

Right now, if you want to work outside of your home country, let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the ass. I have personally travelled, lived and worked in different countries and because of this, I want to see other people do the same.

I’ve seen the impact that it has on people’s lives and this is why I am so passionate about it.

When you look at the current state of events, When you look at Brexit, when you look at Donald Trump, when you look at the various attacks that are going on all around the world.

Now is the most important time, more so than ever before, to get outside of your home country.

I don’t say this for you to go travel and sit on a beach in Thailand and eat Phad Thai. No. I say this because the perceptions that you have versus the realities of what the world is actually like, are drastically different.

The only way to actually break out of those perceptions, is to get out of your home country and go move to a new place where you get to understand the reality, you get to go talk to other people who have a different mindset than you do, who grew up differently than you did and can provide you with a new way of looking at the world that you never previously considered.

Right now, the world continues to become more tight, more restrictive, more isolated, we are seeing the world divided in two different directions.

You are seeing some of the older generation who want to keep things conservative and an ‘us versus them’ mentality.

Then you see the Millennial or Gen Y, whatever generation you want to call it, my generation as I like to call it, you know, the 18 – 30 year old more passionate about seeing the world and understanding things for how they really are.

So, whether you work abroad or you volunteer abroad, study abroad, do a gap year, I don’t care. Now more than ever is the most important time to get outside of your home country and challenge the perceptions that you grew up with and the perceptions that has been formed based on listening to the media and listening to what images, or I should say viewing what images you see on the tv on a day to day basis is, frankly speaking, most likely wrong.

The best way to get the actual understanding, of the reality of the world is to leave your home country. If we honestly want to create a world of global citizens, this is the only way that we can do it and now, more than ever, is the most important time to go do it. Now is when we need to band together, now is when we need to realize that the different people in the different parts of the world, we all want the same things. We want to be able to provide for our families, get an education and feed ourselves on a day to day basis. We all care about that, and that’s it.

Until you get outside of your home country to go meet people, whether you are from the US and you want to come to India and Malaysia, whether you are from India and Malaysia and you want to go to US, UK, EU, that’s the most beautiful time to do it now. Because now is when you are going to shift your perspectives and really learn the realities of how the world is.

Thank you for listening. Go leave your home country and go travel the world for an understanding and a deeper appreciation of what the world is actually like.

P.S. – If you do leave the country, look into the guardian housing scheme to ensure that your property back home stays safe.

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