How to design your resume and give it style


In today’s world, well designed resumes with color are becoming more popular every day. I personally love it when I see a well designed resume. It shows me that the person has style. It shows me they appreciate aesthetic beauty. If nothing else, it shows a small attempt to STAND OUT.

The job hunting process is so competitive you want to do anything that you can do to stand out. A well designed resume is a small peg in the chance of being able to be different from the other 100 resumes that they are looking at.

Now, before you get started, please make sure that you have already read “The One Mistake I see in 95% of Resumes” and “Misc Tips for Crafting Your Resume.” Both of these are very important to understand before you begin the design stage of your resume.

Now having said that…lets jump into the design 🙂 is a great tool for this. It will take your linkedin profile and create a resume for you in little to no time. The free version is great, but if you’re willing to pay for it you can unlock a lot of neat features.

Another great tool for this is Canva. They have a variety of templates that you can download and then put your information into.

A note on symmetry – Another thing that I like to see in resumes, although subtle, is symmetrical paragraphs and descriptions. I like to see that you use a consistent number of bullet points. You use a consistent amount of text. You organize things coherently.

This shows me attention to detail. It shows me HOW YOU THINK.

People often get the small things wrong on their resume, and that is the difference maker.

When I’m looking at a resume I’m really only looking for a few things –
1) Are you a relevant fit
2) Do you have results to prove why you’re a good fit?
3) Does anything jump out at me to make me like this person.

I’m going to throw another example in here, because it’s a resume I will never forget. Some companies might not like this type of thing, but I love it. You can’t try to get EVERYONE to like you, you want to find the 10% of people who LOVE YOU.

Great resume work abroad

Remember, you want to stand out. You want to do things that other people don’t, or aren’t willing to do. Be the person who does things differently.

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