How to Find a Startup Job Abroad Using Angel List

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In this post I am going to detail my favorite way to find a startup job abroad – Angel List.

For those of you who don’t know, Angel List is a website where you can find jobs with startup companies (or in general learn more about cool companies that have recently launched or raised money).

I like to use Angel List to discover jobs abroad, because they are one of the few websites that have a HUGE selection of great startup companies.

How can you utilize this immense database? Easy. You can literally take any country in the world and plug it into Angel List to find opportunities in that country.


BOOM you now have a list of 1K+ companies in Barcelona, most of which you’ve probably never heard of.

Use Angel List for Jobs Abroad

Looking for the ones actively hiring? They have you covered. As I write this article there are 368 jobs on Angel List for Barcelona.

Jobs Available in Barcelona

Next Steps

While you can just use this platform as a means of discovering companies, I like to take it one step further.

From here, I like to copy all of the names of the companies down into a spreadsheet. You can do this easily using a simple data scraper. Here is a simple video of how I did it using Advanced Data Scraper.

Data Scrape Angel List

Once I have downloaded the spreadseheet of companies, I will then go on linkedin and try to find 3-5 people from each company. I typically aim for 1-2 founders, 1-2 HR people, and then someone in a similar job.

I will send the founders/HR one connection message saying I’m interested in learning more about their jobs, and then I will send another message to someone with a similar job so that I can try to pick their brain about the company.

You can also learn more about my techniques for generating referrals and my favorite resources for cold-emailing.

ONE CAVEAT – Many of the companies on Angel list are NOT looking to hire international candidates, so I suggest you try to connect with the company and find if they hire international employees before you throw in an application.

That’s it! This is essentially 90% of the battle. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, but most people I know don’t think to use Angel List as their method of discovering new companies.

Best of luck in your hunt and let me know if this works for you!

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