How to Find a Job Abroad in Sales or Marketing


The most common question I received from people over the last three years is “How do I find a job abroad in sales or marketing?”

When I first started BrainGain I liked to call these people the “Generalist Hustlers” – the people who had SOME skills, but not a ton of specified skills to work with.

The people who were eager to learn on the fly. Wear multiple hats and get things done.

What type of titles would I include in this bucket?

Sales, Business Development, Customer Support, Community Managers, Event Planners, Marketing, Community Management, Social Media Management, Growth Hacking, Performance Marketing, SEO/SEM, etc.

Honestly, if you fall into this bucket, it is more difficult to find a job abroad. The salaries offered for these roles generally don’t qualify for Employment/Work Visas, making it difficult to secure a job (at least legitimately).

Good news, it IS possible. There are plenty of companies out there looking for strong digital marketers/growth hackers, content writers, bloggers, social media managers, and similar roles.

Especially if you look at countries with non-native English speakers, they want people with strong written and spoken English skills to fill their roles.

Moreover, if you’re a native English speaker with a decent writing portfolio, sometimes that’s all you need to land a job in a new country.

Most in demand skill set right now? Growth Hackers. People who understand how to drive signups and grow your user base through email campaigns, performance marketing, blogging/content, and more.

If you know how to drive signups and drive sales, you are in good position to grab a job anywhere.

***Whenever applying to companies make sure to highlight numbers you have driven in the past. If you can show growth you’re golden.

So how do you actually go about finding a job in Sales/Marketing in order to work abroad?

Like any other job, it’s a numbers game. There’s really no easy solution. It’s hard work.

Websites I like to use

For one, I love to use Angel List. I have described the technique I use here.

Some others I like to use include Jobbatical and linkedin.

Then there’s market research companies.

You can also check out this list I made of every resource I know for finding work abroad.

Once you have created a list of companies that you would like to potentially work with, I suggest that you begin reaching out to companies on linkedin and try to connect with people.

Here is my guide for generating referrals.
Here is my guide to cold-emailing.


I hope this helps you in your hunt! Please let me know if this helps you in any way and keep me posted as you make progress in your search for a job in sales or marketing with a startup abroad.

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