How to Find a Job Abroad in Finance


Another common request I receive is around how to find a job abroad in Finance.

Now, Finance is a bit trickier than other jobs from what I’ve seen. It’s a bit of a polar dichotomy.

It’s easy to discover Finance internships abroad, and it’s easy to find a job if you’re established in a career of finance.

In the mid-level of your career though? Straddling that 23-28 window? It might be a bit more challenging for you to find a job abroad in finance.

In Company Promotion

If you fall into this mid-level bucket, the most common way of getting abroad is usually through an inside the company promotion.

The majority of people who I have met in Finance started out in their home country and then after working at that company for a number of years, they finally found an opportunity within the company to move internationally.

Many of these people have lived in multiple countries and made a great living for themselves.

Work for a Startup

If that doesn’t work for you, one option is working for a startup – Finance Managers and Analysts. People with a background in Finance usually make great Analysts and data scientists. From my personal experience, Data Science is the largest growing need of companies. People with strong analytical skills will always be needed as data sets become more large and complex. Applying your finance background into the world of startups can be a fascinating way to challenge yourself and diversify your skill set.

Learn more about how to find a job with a startup >>>> How to use to find jobs abroad.

Moreover, you can look up international banks/investment firms and the like. If you decide to take this route, here are a few things to keep in mind.

VC’s/Investment Firms – From my experience these firms want people to have an understanding of the local ecosystem – laws, regulations, types of business opportunities, etc. If you’re not from the local country, or haven’t studied that country, it will be tough to find a jog.

MBA-In-Between – I have seen a lot of MBA’s who are finished with their first year and are looking for an international internship in between the next year. The problem is that as an intern they won’t be able to pay you much, and you wont be able to contribute much in a 3-4 month window. In reality it looks much better on the CV of the MBA student than it does provide value to the company.

If you can convince a company to let you take an internship, more power to you! Either way, the process will still remain the same moving forwards.

Another great thing to get into is investments into franchises, with so many franchises for sale in the UK you would be quite foolish not to get into it.

If you are interested in a job in Finance abroad, my favorite websites are as follows…

Angel List

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