My Favorite Resources for Cold Emailing


Cold emailing is the bread and butter of connecting with people on the internet. If you want to master the art of internet networking, mastery of how to effectively cold email is the number one skill that you should learn.

Luckily, there are a lot of smart people who have already figured this out so that we don’t have to re-create the wheel.

Before you get started, make sure that you have already completed your resume and cover letter. These will be very important for your cold-emailing binge so make sure not to leave them out.

Here are my favorite resources for how to effectively write a cold-email.

80,000 Hours

This guide, written by the team at 80,000 hours is the best guide I have ever seen for cold emailing. Their sections include…
1) How to ask for introductions
2) How to set up an informational interview
3) Questions to ask in an informational interview
4) How to ask for recommendations for people to talk to
5) How to ask for a favor from an important person

Tim Ferriss

Timothy is easily my favorite person for all things related to life, business, and how to improve productivity. He is chock-full of great information on how to effectively connect with people and get your message across.

Here are three of my favorite blogs of his – all three of these are my bible when it comes to the laws of cold-emailing.

Tips for Emailing Busy People
How to Get George Bush or the CEO of Google on the Phone
How to get Busy Influencers to Share your Stuff

Good Sales Emails

Good Sales Emails is a database of tech companies from around the world, and what type of sales emails that they send to clients.

You can learn about how to write effective subject lines and cold emails by studying these emails. There are a lot of gems in here, both for understanding your job hunt, as well as learning sales emails for your future jobs.

This resource is full of great information, put it to use and I guarantee results!


Nothing too overwhelmingly complicated here, just stealing the ideas of people who know better than I do 🙂

These resources, if mastered, will make you a cold-emailing whiz. Don’t be lazy. Put in the work and read up on these.

Next up? Make sure to check out our article on “How to Generate Referrals for Your International Job Hunt“.

Have a great day ahead!

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