Employee Development in the World’s Biggest Companies

These days, people with real skills and talent are looking for promising careers, and not just any ordinary job. They have their eyes set on organizations that are keener on investing in its employees by offering different development and training programs.

And why not? The benefits of employee development aren’t just for the organization, but also for the employees. When people work in a place where they have increased job satisfaction levels and great internal promotion opportunities, organizations naturally achieve better retention.

In short, investing in employee development is the fast-track for finding hidden gems that you can rely on in the long run. And that’s exactly what most large organizations like Amazon, AT&T, and Marriott International Inc. have been doing.

So without further ado, let’s jump in and learn about the best employee development strategies that the world’s biggest organizations have been using.


Amazon needs no introduction. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies that are based on four basic principles: long-term thought process, customer obsession, commitment to operational excellence, and passion for invention.

The company invests in employee development by offering them a month-long, detailed training and leadership program before hiring a potential employee. The company also bears a 95% cost of the courses that employees take in in-demand fields. They have also set up a ‘virtual contact center’ to train employees on how to work from home.

The goal behind offering these training and development programs is to help employees take charge right from the start. It’s a way to train them for ownership of products and services to be able to impact the customers around the world.

Seattle Genetics

The biotechnical giant works to treat cancer by developing antibody-based therapies. When it comes to investing in employee development, the company believes in nothing but the best. It offers several different development and training programs to not only benefit the organization but also help employees’ develop careers.

Seattle Genetics offers tuition reimbursement, job-relevant seminars and conferences, and on-site training programs to help improve job skills. Their vision is to support the employees with continuous training and education and encourage job and management-related skills for better results.


The company that helps millions of people around the world to connect is also focused on delivering the same level of experience of the employees. To invest in the best employee experience, AT&T does not only offer executive-led programs based on management and leadership development but has also established the first-ever Online Master of Science in Computer Science degree by partnering with Udacity Inc. and Georgia Tech. The company has also launched various fast-tracks, self-paced technical credentials known as Nanodegrees to help employees keep up with the growing technological pace.

The company believes in educating the employees and keeping them up to date to stay competitive in a digitally modern world. With more than 280,000 employees globally, the company is looking for more than just hiring new talent based on the traditional educational system. They’re focused on establishing an inspiring culture, where the business is set on innovation, strategic business results, and continuous learning.


Leading the business analytics software and services, SAS is currently working with more than 14000 employees and offering them a wide range of amazing development opportunities. The programs that SAS is working around include different emerging leadership programs, career resource center, and career mentoring programs.

For training and development, SAS offers academic programs for both technical and skill enablement to ensure regular upgrades for improved performance and better results. These regular in-class and on-the-job training opportunities play a vital role in helping employees with both personal and professional growth. The company’s focus is to offer up-to-date programs to the employees to keep them motivated, challenged, and engaged.

Marriott International Inc.

Knowing for its unparalleled services as the leading hotel and lodging company, Marriott International has set similar standards when it comes to employee experience. The company has more than 4400 properties around the world, accommodating above 200,000 employees. And to ensure world-class management at each of their properties, the company invests heartily on various employee training and development programs.

The company does not only focus on a variety of high-class training but also utilizes different methods of training delivery to offer excellent employee development to each member on a personal level. The different programs offered focus on improving overall skills and provide career and professional development enhancements. Other than management and leadership, the employee development programs also include areas like work-life balance.

Marriot International picks programs and training keeping the growth opportunities and wellbeing of every team member in mind.


Just like it’s crucial for an individual to look for an organization that’s invested in their development, it is equally important for organizations to ensure providing excellent development opportunities such as a student loan payoff calculator, to employees to ensure they get the best talent that’s out there. Not only investing in great employee development offers two-way benefits, but it’s also an excellent way to keep up with employee retention at the max level and improve employee experience.