Me, This Blog and My Advocacies

About Me

Over the last ten years, almost 100 got their dream jobs outside of their mother country with my help through this blog. These jobs were in the niches of sales and marketing, graphic design, software programming, and more.

My Mission

I continuously give free education through my blog BrainGain. I know what companies are looking to hire local talents, but are still open for the possibility of filling the position to foreigners. Also, I know what keeps companies NOT considering welcoming foreigners into their local workforce; and I even blog about it. I’ve witnessed high barriers between the local company whose open to hiring foreigners and the interviewed foreign applicant.

My Vission

I’m looking forward to helping more migrants in finding work that suits their talent, with the tips that I freely give through this blog. With sincere hopes that corporations will open more full doors in welcoming foreigns to work in their local organizations.